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Ban Sonate coffee

Ban Sonate coffee

52 Dang Dung Street, Ward Tan Dinh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: (08) 62906004

Like a soft peace of music, Ban Sonate coffee siliently sowing colourful sound of life into our soul. Sweet rhythm of songs, green color of plants seems to soften many stones which are arranged to be walls or waterfalls. And that makes them familiar, friendly but powerful and impressive enough. Too hard to describe the feeling you first get when stepping inside such place. That is because you at once realize a little peace of mind as soon as you stop at rows of bamboo listening to leaves whispering, nice sound of flowing water on the rocky edge. All problems seem so far away at such interval.

Ban Sonate coffee shop has benn put up in a modern style but with great choice in material, details to create a lot od deep, serene feelings… Sitting on soft sofas in air-conditioned rooms made of transparent glasses brings you much aspiration to enjoy the view around.

At night, Sonate is more prominent as it is covered with the cozy yellow lights. When songs from a piano beside waterfalls sound softly and it mixes with sound of violins, your soul seems stable. That’s when much memory is brought back and you think one day it should be a return to such place to get more quiet moments beside your loving people.

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